Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, Maundays Bay, Anguilla

The Cap Juluca is a Belmond hotel in Maundays Bay, Anguilla. The hotel is renowned for its distinctive design, stunning beaches, and opulent amenities.

The site is surrounded by white villas with Moroccan domes like sugar cubes. But, once you enter the open-air lobby, the glamor of the 1980s fades away. This is the first sign of a recent renovation that brought cream linens. Natural grass carpeting in place of the old Arabian Nights decor. Maundays Bay’s long, marshmallow-white cove is beyond, surrounded by aquamarine waters.

What is the history?

On a boat trip around the island in 1984, Linda and Charles Hickox found their future here. The couple built a restaurant called Pimm’s when they went back to Maundays Bay with architect Oscar Farmer. Who was known for his work on Bing Crosby’s Palm Desert property? Friends from St. Martin who came in for dinner were immediately drawn to it. When Cap Juluca opened in 1988, it became a popular spot among socialites. Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson hid on a beach lounger during the handshake ceremony. Many guests have rebooked “their own” villas year after year, and the property has never been closed. When Belmond bought Cap Juluca in 2017, the hotel needed to be updated a long time ago. Hurricane Irma swept through a week after the lockdown and destroyed everything except the sugar cube concrete villa. At the end of 2018, it reopened with five brand-new villas, two brand-new restaurants, including a brand-new Pimms, and a sparkling spa. LVMH made the announcement a few days later that it had agreed to get Belmond.

What about beverages and food?

Despite having been scrubbed and removed, the Pimms is still not present at the ceremony. The multicourse menu has a lot of Caribbean flavors and is light enough for anyone who wants to go to a yoga class at sunrise tomorrow. Cip’s, an offshoot of Cipriani’s Venetian lagoon restaurant, serves grilled lobster pasta. Also, the Maundays Club, which serves Peruvian tapas, will reopen the hotel bar for rum cocktails for guests. Antique brass-framed mirrors cover the walls, and a wacky 1913 sketch by Belle Epoque artist Georges Goursa mocks high society. The message is understood. Don’t take your vacation too.

Cap Juluca’s staff has always been a major draw over the years. After the hurricane, the hotel closed, but Belmond continued to hire most of them for landscaping and restoration work. They all returned following the reopening, now donning bright sherbet uniforms. Favorites include Terrance “Casa” Rogers, who operated a beach hut between villas 3 and 5 and was able to recall the beverages that guests preferred.

Cap Juluca fans reenergize themselves by discussing what has improved (the decor, the food) and what has remained the same (the views, the wonderful staff). There were also a few young couples who were accompanied by a woman wearing a Pippa Holt caftan and a high-end straw bag. An infinity pool was built by Belmond for family and school vacations near the lobby.

Cap Juluca’s unique architecture

The unique architecture of Cap Juluca is one of the reasons to visit. White stucco buildings with blue accents make up the Moorish architecture of the hotel. The buildings are spread out across a site and connected by bridges and winding paths. One of the hotel’s most popular features is its unique architecture, which sets it apart from other hotels on the island.

Cap Juluca’s beautiful beaches

The stunning beaches of Cap Juluca are yet another reason to travel there. The hotel is on Maundays Bay, which has beaches with white sand and clear water. Two beaches, one for swimming and one for snorkeling, are available at the hotel. There is a pool and beach bar on the swimming beach, and there is an offshore coral reef on the snorkeling beach.

Cap Juluca’s high-end amenities

The opulent amenities at Cap Juluca are a third reason to go there. There are two restaurants, a spa, a gym, and a kids’ club at the hotel. The spa offers a variety of treatments, and the restaurant serves international cuisine. The kids’ club has activities for kids of all ages, and the fitness center has tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a gym.

The ideal spot in Cap Juluca

The excellent location of Cap Juluca is the fourth reason to go there. The airport is a short drive away from the hotel on Maundays Bay. Additionally, the hotel is close to the island’s best restaurants, shops, and activities.

The welcoming staff at Cap Juluca

The helpful staff is the fifth reason to visit Cap Juluca. The hotel staff is well-known for being warm and welcoming to guests. They go above and beyond to ensure that you have a positive experience and are always available to assist you with anything you need.

The picturesque setting of Cap Juluca

The stunning setting is the sixth reason to visit Cap Juluca. On Maundays Bay, the hotel is surrounded by coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and clear water. Palm trees and flowers abound throughout the lush and tropical hotel grounds.

If you’re looking for memorable experiences, stunning scenery, and opulent amenities, Cap Juluca is the ideal vacation spot. Anguilla’s Maundays Bay hotel is well-known for its beautiful beaches, Moorish architecture, and opulent amenities. Cap Juluca is the ideal destination for a peaceful getaway.

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