Sailboat & Catamaran Tours in St. Lucia

Are you looking for boat tours in St. Lucia? St Lucia is a gem in the Caribbean, filled with natural beauty. A viable tourism activity to enjoy in the Caribbean is a sailboat and catamaran tour in St. Lucia. This is an interesting activity that is a must in St. Lucia that will have tourists cruising along the tropical west coast in a catamaran.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure with the family, our tours offer something for everyone. From crystal clear waters and lush tropical vegetation to stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, you will never forget your experience on a yacht, sailboat, or catamaran.

Dedicated professional staff will ensure that each tour meets your individual needs. So that you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

So explore all the beauty St. Lucia offers from the unique perspective of a boat tour or rental yacht tour. You can enjoy catamaran tours in St. Lucia with friends, or for a honeymoon, or anniversary activity. Rent a yacht for the holiday, host a party, and enjoy your catamaran vacation tour.

You can charter a catamaran and traverse the Caribbean ocean surrounding St. Lucia and enjoy a fun vacation adventure.

On a catamaran tour, you will see the Gros Piton and Petit Piton. They collectively refer to these mountains as the Pitons. What makes the Gros Piton quite interesting is that it soars at about 771 m (2,530 ft). This makes it the second-highest peak in St. Lucia.

A touristic visit to St. Lucia will present you with trails in the interior rain forest, leading to waterfalls. This tropical island flows with many activities to keep vacationers entertained.

During the catamaran cruise, you will see the island from different angles. The catamaran may pass by the Diamond Botanical Garden. See the Pitons, Soufriere town and plantation estates among others.

On your guided tour, you will learn about the culture and history of the island. Head to the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean and find the Sulphur springs.

Aside from sightseeing a tour of St. Lucia aboard a catamaran exposes you to other enjoyable activities. You can swim, snorkel and dive in certain areas. Head downstream where there is hot water for a fun mud bath.

According to Island Routes the tour highlights when exploring St. Lucia via a catamaran cruise are:

  • Sail along the west coast of St. Lucia on a luxurious catamaran
  • Snorkel  AnseChastanet Reef and see an array of colorful fish
  • Explore additional coves and reefs during your journey
  • Enjoy a freshly prepared grilled lunch from the onboard chef
  • Stand-up paddle boards and flotation devices are provided

What do you do on a catamaran tour in St. Lucia?

A perfect way to explore the beautiful west coast of St. Lucia is by sailing on a luxurious catamaran. With luxury catamaran rental yacht tours, travelers are in for an unforgettable experience. The crew goes above and beyond to make sure that guests are comfortable and have a great time. The sail starts off in the afternoon and heads north, where the first stop is Marigot Bay for some sightseeing.

As the journey continues, passengers will have the opportunity to snorkel at stunning tropical reefs, swim in pristine bays, and admire the majestic twin Peak Piton Mountains.

The tour also includes a visit to Sulphur Springs, a natural hot spring, and Anse Chastanet Reef to see an array of colorful fish.

With the flexibility of a private tour without the private-tour price, this is a fantastic way to spend a day on a luxurious catamaran with fellow travelers.

Are there private beaches in St Lucia?

St Lucia is known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. Many travelers wonder if there are private beaches on the island.

The answer is no, there aren’t any private beaches in St Lucia due to the island’s common law regarding beach access. All beaches in the country are publicly accessible, so visitors can enjoy the beauty of these beaches without any restrictions.

Whether it’s the secluded Grande Anse beach, the unspoiled Sugar Beach, or the rugged Donkey Beach, all beaches in St Lucia are open to the public.

So, grab your sunscreen and head to the beach for a day of relaxation and fun!

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