Jade Mountain Resort – St Lucia (A Romantic Getaway)

Jade Mountain Resort! Sounds strange? Well, it is time that you become familiar with this hidden gem on a beautiful island. But after reading this article, this luxury resort will not be hidden anymore.

Jade Mountain Resort All Inclusive is a spectacular resort located on the side of a mountain. That is right – “a spectacular resort on the side of the mountain”. No, it is not in Italy or any part of Europe. You can find it on the friendly and touristy island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean Sea.

This Caribbean luxury resort is on a 600-acre property on the South-West side of St. Lucia. What makes this resort so unique and breathtaking is that it is the largest resort in the Caribbean, and …wait for it!! It is an open-air resort, meaning that all rooms are open up to nature. Think about responsible tourism where lush green and beautiful views captivate you.

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Each room has its main entrance door with a private entrance and pathway. But when you enter the resort suite, you will note something magnificent. Behold the redefinition of open-concept architecture.

The kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and living area are all unrestricted by any walls. The no walls and windowless architecture cause the view outdoors to invade you in a good way. You can enjoy the incredible views of the Piton Mountains and the Caribbean sea.

Jade Mountain hotel is a perfect example of a posh vacation. It only has 29 suites. With this limited number of rooms on such a big land space, the hotel will never be too crowded. You will have peace and privacy.

If you are looking to stay somewhere close to the beach, then that is not a problem. Even though the resort is a bit high up on the mountain, you can track down to the nearby Anse Chastanet beach. Alternatively, you can have a shuttle pick you up from your room and enjoy the nice ride down.

Caribbean Romantic Getaway at St Lucia Mountain Resort

On a Caribbean vacation, you want to build memories and have experiences like no other. When booking a solo vacation or a romantic getaway, you have your expectations. You must find a place that would bring you joy and comfort. That is exactly what you get when you visit Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia.

As mentioned before, Jade Mountain is a Caribbean luxury hotel and resort. So, yes, it is very pricy, but it is worth every luxurious penny. Who would have ever thought that you could book a room in a resort, only to see that it has no windows or walls?? But when you are there, you can relax, have privacy and say ‘Who needs em…’.

You can spend the warm evenings having a luxury meal in your room or dinner on the beach. Your room will have a private swimming pool or jacuzzi. Most of the rooms called Jade Mountain sanctuary have an infinity pool. So you will overlook picturesque views of St. Lucia. Jade Mountain wellness amenities include yoga, fitness, and other spa treatments.

Oh yeah, if you have a sweet tooth, you can have full access to the Jade Mountain chocolate-making factory. You can find the chocolate factory there on the resort compound. Trained staff will make the chocolate right in front of you. You definitely should have a taste of locally made St. Lucia chocolate. It will move fresh from the factory and onto your tongue.

You are going to love it at Jade Mountain Resort and can expect magnificent service altogether. The courteous and friendly staff will ensure your stay is relaxing and comfortable.

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