Jamaica’s Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay

The Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort Montego Bay Jamaica features world-class dining. A wide range of luxurious accommodations. From traditional Thai fare to haute cuisine from France, nine restaurants and bars have it all. Additionally, there is a British pub, Caribbean restaurant, and casual pizzeria. We provide high-end sake. Additionally, the resort provides round-trip transportation.

The resort at Sandals Montego Bay has a long beach and a wide range of water sports. The resort is close to Sandals Royal Caribbean, which has overwater bungalows and a private island. Between the two properties, there is a free shuttle service. However, it is essential to keep in mind that Sandals Montego Bay’s rooms start at $280, whereas Sandals Royal Caribbean’s do not.

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The resort offers a variety of room types, from traditional Caribbean designs to more contemporary designs. Additionally, rooms decorated in the colonial style will transport you back in time. The Overwater Bungalow Suite, which was first offered at Sandals Royal Caribbean, is one of our most popular rooms. Plunge pools and a private setting distinguish the bungalows. In contrast, the entry-level Colonial Rooms are small and lack balconies and separate showers.

Additionally, the resort offers stunning beachfront villas with views of the water. Activities on the water include sailing, snorkeling, and hobby cats at the resort. You can rent yachts and rowing boats to see the area.

Jamaica’s only resort on a private island is Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort. The community on the beach has a lot of greenery and winding paths that are great for walking. There are also several cool pools where you can take a quick dip. The blocky design of Sandals Resort Royal Caribbean gives the resort a sense of atmosphere rather than running along the shoreline. several distinct areas that are all connected.

Sandals Royal Caribbean vs. Montego Bay Sandals Before we begin our review of Sandals Royal Caribbean, let’s first briefly compare it to Montego Bay. Despite being on the beach, Sandals Royal Caribbean is a resort with a pool theme. On the other hand, Montego Bay is a seaside resort with a lot of space for beachgoers to do seaside activities and long stretches of sandy coast. There are a few small coves at Royal Caribbean Sandals Beach that are inland from the sea. On the other hand, all the buildings in Montego Bay are lined up next to the water.

Private Island for Sandals Royal Caribbean

The idea of owning a private island is exciting, and it appears very nice from the land. Although I did not have the opportunity to stay in one of the island’s overwater villas or bungalows, Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island is stunning. Sadly, there are very few sandy areas, except a tiny sandy beach with private rental cabanas overlooking the water. Rock walls separate the sand from the water in the remainder of the beach area.

The island is not crowded because there isn’t much access to the beach, so you can enjoy the peace, go snorkeling in the island’s depths, and look for fish on the rocks under the water. diving. Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island, on the other hand, is a great spot to hang out with great views for pool lovers. Dinner at a well-known Thai eatery.

The water sports pier near the Windsor Building is where the boats come and go. It’s a fun and scenic ride that only takes one to two minutes each way. A pontoon boat or a dragon boat are your options.

Restaurants at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort Montego Bay Jamaica

Breakfast with Caribbean Spices

Spices provide an authentic island dining experience while serving pan-Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the constantly changing buffet themes and personalized options when you visit for breakfast or lunch. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Breakfast at Le Jardinier

I think it’s a great place for a couple to have breakfast because of the intimate setting. Cut fruits, cereals, and fine pastries are just a few of the many cold and hot options available for breakfast.

Lunch at Pizzeria Bella Napoli

A hot slice of brick-oven pizza topped with mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce, delicious herbs, and your choice of toppings is the ultimate comfort food. Margherita, vegetarian, Hawaiian, and Calabrian pizza toppings are available. In a lively area, the restaurant is right next to the Mariner. Before being served, watch the pizzas cook over the wood fire.

Lunch at Spice Caribbean

We have a themed lunch buffet and a lot of made-to-order options for lunch. This restaurant is the ideal pan-Caribbean aperitif due to its tropical setting, warm service, and exceptional wines and spirits.

Lunch at Mariner Seaside Bar & Grill

In a relaxed Caribbean setting, savor mouthwatering grilled dishes and energizing drinks. Wraps, fries, salads, and Jamaican favorites like Jamaican Pork and Jamaican Chicken are all good options.

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Dinner at the Bombay Club

The Bombay Club is the ideal spot for stunning views, good times, and international cuisine. It is loaded with vibrant Indian spices like nutmeg, saffron, and cardamom. Butter chicken, shrimp pakoras, and vegetable samosas are some of the dishes. You need to make reservations.

Dinner at Royal Thai

First, take a genuine dragon boat to the private island where Royal Tai is. One of the most popular destinations is the Sandals Jamaica Royal Caribbean. Royal Thai is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that serves exotic dishes like lumpia, ginger-sauced pork tenderloin, and pepper shrimp with oyster sauce.

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