Stingray City Antigua Excursion and Snorkel Adventure 

Have you ever been to Stingray City in Antigua and Barbuda? One of the best things to do in Antigua is swimming with stingrays.

If you haven’t, then here is your chance. Stingray city is open to the public, and it’s a fun adventure. It is not the normal adventure where you would go hiking and look at flora and fauna in the mountains. But this is out in the ocean. About a 10-12 minutes boat ride off the mainland.

Stingray City Marine Park, Antigua 

Here at this Caribbean hotspot, you will have the opportunity to swim and dive. In the company of some spectacular water creatures, stingrays. During this Antigua nature tour, you will also be able to feed them. It is an interesting beach adventure to look forward to and enjoy.

Where is stingray city in Antigua? You can find Stingray City Antigua Snorkel Adventure in the beautiful ocean off of the Willikies area.

Swimming with Stingrays, Antigua

Wondering what to do in Antigua? At Stingray City, the Stingrays are not in captivity. They are in the wild but at this shallow part of the ocean, they come to feed and for pampering by their human friends.

Caution is necessary of course since they are still in the wild and not tamed or trained. Tourists receive instructions from tour guides before leaving the mainland. Tour guides will inform you about the dos and don’ts while interacting with the stingrays. 

The stingrays vary in size, with the females being bigger than the males. Some females reach the length of 5 feet, while some males only reach up to 24 inches. You can also identify which is male or email by their reproductive organs. The male’s reproductive organs protrude from its lower back. 

They are rumors that the stinger at the end of its tail is dangerous and can pierce you through. But, a stingray would only take such as a defense mechanism if the ray feels it is being attacked. 

Besides that, the rays love to be petted. Do not rough them up. They love when you feed them and are gentle with them. When you swim in their habitat, they would run through your legs. You can go underwater and take selfies with them. Amazingly, they let you lift them to the top of the water to play with them. It is such an amazing experience to interact with stingrays. Without having to worry if they will harm you.

On your next trip to Antigua and Barbuda, be sure to book a ride out to this spectacular location.

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