The Montserrat Island: Remote Workers Program

This is your Montserrat Caribbean tourism opportunity during COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic caused a mass amount of workers to work online as well as restricted travel. Montserrat island is capitalizing on the work from home/work remotely trend. At the same time, they are encouraging and making available travel opportunities.

The Montserrat Remote Worker Stamp

Montserrat’s government has implemented a remote workers program. This initiative gives persons the chance to live and work on the Caribbean island for one year. The application process takes an estimate of 7 working days. After which successful applicants will receive a remote worker stamp. This stamp will allow remote workers to travel to Montserrat with their families.

Montserrat Covid-19 Response

Between July 2020 to January 2021 Montserrat was COVID FREE. Before this, the island had a total of 13 cases and one death. Even when Montserrat had no active COVID-19 cases they still had preventative measures in place.

Sometime in February 2021, Montserrat began to record COVID-19 active cases again.

You are not allowed to visit any public offices or services without wearing a face mask. Also, persons coming on the island of Montserrat must come with a negative COVID-19 test. Further, all persons must quarantine for 14 days after they arrive in Montserrat.

How to Apply for Montserrat Remote Worker Stamp?

You must be able to prove that you can work remotely. This can make you eligible for the remote worker stamp.

Apply Now

Montserrat Remote Worker Stamp Durations

  • Application Process: 7 working days
  • Length of Stay: 1 year

Cost of Montserrat Remote Worker Stamp

There is a nonrefundable cost associated with processing your remote worker application.

  • Single Applicant: US$500
  • Families (up to 3 dependants): US$750
  • Additional family member: US$250 each

Required Documentation:

  • Proof of Employment/Business Incorporation Certificate
  • Proof of Valid Health Insurance
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Proof of Annual Income
  • Copy of Passport Biographical Data
  • Police Record

Does Montserrat have Wifi?

Reliable internet is important to work remotely. Montserrat has the resources to work remotely. There are two telecommunications service providers in Montserrat. Both are capable of connecting you to WiFi service.

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