Tourists Attractions in the Dominican Republic (Nature Parks)

The Dominican Republic tourist attractions include nature parks, national park tours, and beaches. It also favors nightlife activities, cultural attractions, and more.

Dominican Republic (the DR) is a Spanish-speaking island sharing land space with Haiti. Besides Spanish, other languages spoken in the DR are Haitian Creole and English. The Dominican Republic’s population is about 11 million.

Tourism is rampant in the Dominican Republic. Thus, the DR is the most visited destination in the Caribbean. It is also a popular cruise destination. The area has tourists visiting as well as ex-pats living. Many people who retire in the Caribbean choose to live in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic National Parks and Nature Reserves

Tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic are many. Visitors go to entangle with and experience the Dominican Republic culture and heritage. The DR’s regional and cultural heritage is rich, exciting, inviting, and flavorful. Here are some popular nature parks tourist attractions in the DR.

Beach Tourist Attraction Site: Saona Island (Isla Saona)

Saona Island excursion

The Dominican Republic is well known for its beaches, resorts, and nature attractions. Among the types of tourist attractions in the Dominican Republic is Saona Island. Saona Island is a tropical island nature reserve and a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Besides, Saona Island’s brilliant white sand the seascape includes wildlife and bird watching. Tourists attraction also include marine diversity and an indigenous starfish field to explore. Isla Saona has coral reefs ecosystems and a turtle-nesting site. This area attracts snorkelers, scuba divers, and sunbathers.

How to get to Saona Island? To go on a Saona Island excursion, you travel by catamarans and small motorboats.

Lake Tourist Destination: Lake Enriquillo (Lago Enriquillo)

Lake Enriquillo (Lago Enriquillo)

Of all the islands in the Caribbean, Lake Enriquillo is the largest lake. Lake Enriquillo is a hypersaline lake found in the southwestern area of the DR. It shares its body of water with Bahoruco and Independencia. Independencia separates the Dominican Republic from Haiti.

Lake Enriquillo national park forms part of the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve. Populating Lake Enriquillo, are several American crocodiles and three unique species of fish. Also, endangered iguanas are endemic to the area. Plus, American pink flamingos and many bird species.

Lake Enriquillo is a wildlife-watching and nature exploration region. The land that surrounds the lake includes springs, farmland, and tropical forests. Explore Lago Enriquillo via a boat trip or horseback riding.

Cave Adventures for Tourists: The 3 Eyes (Los Tres Ojos)

Los Tres Ojos (The Three Eyes)

Los Tres Ojos cave and its three/four lakes are often visited tourist attractions. Centuries ago pieces of the earth’s crust collapsed into caves with a bowl-shaped depression. These depressions became filled with water and formed this exceptional tourist attraction.

Los Tres Ojos consists of interconnected caves nearby Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The 3 Eyes National Park expansive limestone cave system has three dimensions. Let’s share the best secret it has another dimension.

The first three water bodies to explore are Aguas Azufradas, La Nevera, and “Las Damas” or “Lago de las Mujeres.” The fourth and most beautiful one is Los Zaramagullones. It has tranquil vibes with a save the best for last, personality. Colored lights illuminate Los Tres Ojos in the night.

Besides these nature parks, there are many other things to do in the Dominican Republic. Do enjoy your vacation trip to that beautiful tourism destination.

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