Visit the Scenic Parque Nacional Viales in Cuba

Located in the Sierra de Los Organos mountain range, Parque Nacional Viales in Cuba is one of the most scenic natural settings in the country.

Cuba has an affluent multi-cultural society and is a fascinating place to visit. It is also family-friendly, so you and your kids can enjoy the experience. Traveling to Cuba is a great way to learn about the island’s history and meet some fascinating people. The Cuban government is a friendly host and wants you to enjoy your visit to this beautiful country. You will also be able to interact with Cuban children and see how they spend their days.

This national park offers visitors many activities. One of the most popular activities is horseback riding. Guests can book an excursion through a local tour operator or ask a local horse owner to arrange it.

UNESCO recognized the Parque Nacional de Vinales as a World Heritage site 1999. This is the country’s third most visited destination. It also offers hiking trails, climbing, and ATV tours.

The park is home to a variety of native wildlife. Besides mogotes, it is home to cork palm, macho pine, and native flora.

Vinales is a popular destination for day-trippers. There are hotels in the park, as well as first-class accommodations outside. Visitors must pay for a guide. Laws about cultural property protect the valley.

The national park is located near Vinales, the capital of Vinales province. Visitors can take day trips from Havana through tour operators.

There are many activities for kids in the country. Among the most popular are swimming with sea turtles, boat trips through Cuevo del Indio, and hiking in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

Visitors can also explore museums. There are two museums in Cardenas. One is dedicated to Elian Gonzalez. Other museums include the Museo de Chocolate in Habana Vieja.

There are also museums in Moron and Matanzas. The Acuario Nacional hosts a dolphin show on weekends. There is also a crocodile breeding center and an antique steam train in Moron.

The dry season is the best time to visit. December through May have less rain, and the humidity is lower. This is also the season for blue skies.

Vinales offers a wide range of accommodations, including first-class hotels and cozy, family-friendly casas particulares. The city is eager to welcome American travelers.

Cuba is a fascinating country with many landscapes and cultural treasures. The country’s architecture illustrates its cultural evolution. The government owns most of the labor force and pays its employees in Cuban pesos. The government also owns the majority of production means. The Cuban government has taken steps to make the country more environmentally friendly. In addition to preserving its natural attractions, the government is helping rural communities tap into ecotourism.

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