12 Safety Tips for Caribbean Tourists

Is the Caribbean safe for tourists? The Caribbean features white sandy beaches, azure skies, and crystal-clear waters. These features have appealed to tourists from around the world. The Caribbean islands are considered by most as safe holiday destinations. Thus thousands of tourists each year frequent the Caribbean and its many islands. Most trips are trouble-free. But, the Caribbean is not immune to criminal incidents involving tourists. There have been reports of sexual assault targeting women. As well as several cases of armed robbery and murder. This should raise the alert bar of all holidaymakers.

Like any other place on earth problems and safety hazards are in the Caribbean region. Even if an island may seem safe, be careful. Your safety is your concern. Here are some tips to stay safe as with any travel destination:

  1. Tourists must use common sense when traveling in the Caribbean. Take care of your personal belongings. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or wearing expensive jewelry. Stay vigilant and avoid confrontations.
  2. Both men and women should avoid walking alone. Especially along deserted beaches and other sparsely populated areas.
  3. Most Caribbean islands have long stretches of pristine beaches. These are perfect for taking a stroll but walking on your own is dangerous.
  4. Women should also avoid being out alone at night. Many petty crimes and crimes of a sexual nature occur under the cover of darkness.
  5. If you’re taking a taxi, be sure to use a licensed driver.
  6. If you plan to attend street parties that run on into the night it can be easy to get separated from your group. Always carry a mobile phone with you so that you can find your friends again. Keep your phone charged and with credit. When attending other large public gatherings, particularly in the festive season.
  7. Ensure that you inform friends or family of your plans before attending an event. Let them know if you are going on a day trip, or meeting up with new people.
  8. Female tourists might also consider carrying a physical deterrent such as pepper spray or mace.
  9. If you are visiting the islands alone, it’s a good idea to book tours and trips through your hotel or resort. Always travel in groups with people you are familiar with.
  10. Be sure to pay attention. Learn about the areas and certain communities you should avoid.
  11. While at your destination before you choose a place to go for a fun-filled activity ensure you know your way back to your hotel or place of boarding.
  12. Tourists can become lost and asking persons for directions can be risky. You should also have a map if you are going out on your own to view the attractions. If you are hiring a tour guide then your safety is a tad surer.

When planning your Caribbean trip be sure to know exactly what attracts you. Search online for such locations that can make your vacation worthwhile. Look also for where the attractions are located on the island. Look for a hotel or villa where you can stay that is not too far from the places you would like to visit. It would be practical if the activities you would like to do are within close range of your vacation abode.

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