What Is the Best Family Friendly Island In The Caribbean?

National Geographic (UK) created a list of the best countries to visit in 2023 and beyond. The Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago made that list.

It is the only country in the Caribbean Sea to make the list. Apart from the South American country with a tropical flair, Guyana secured the number 13 spot.

What is the Best Family-Friendly Island in the Caribbean?

Have you considered Trinidad & Tobago as the best Caribbean island for a family vacation? According to National Geographic (UK), the answer is Trinidad & Tobago.

In the article “Best of the world: 35 destinations for 2023 and beyond” of the 35 best places to visit, Trinidad and Tobago came in at number 30. The article rates Trinidad & Tobago as the best places for a family vacation in the Caribbean.

Here is the extract from the article as it pertains to Trinidad & Tobago:

“30. Trinidad and Tobago

One of the most important leatherback turtle nesting sites in the world emphasizes the importance of sea turtle conservation programs

Consider that sea turtles survived the dinosaurs, but might not survive this century. Kids eager to help save the turtles — and encounter hundreds of them as well — can head to Trinidad and Tobago. With loggerheads, greens, leatherbacks, hawksbills and olive ridleys (five of the seven species of sea turtles) swimming off its shores, this Caribbean nation is a mecca for turtle tourism.

Nesting sites are found on both islands, with leatherbacks the most numerous — during the nesting season between March to August, an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 turtles mass on the nation’s shores. Trinidad’s Grande Riviere beach, on the island’s north coast, is the densest leatherback nesting ground in the world.

Turtle-watching programmes led by approved guides generate revenue to help save these creatures, which are under assault from climate change, habitat loss and plastic pollution.”

If you want to test out whether Trinidad & Tobago is the best Caribbean island for a family holiday, start planning your trip now.

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