Meads Bay Pond – Anguilla’s Important Bird Areas

Enjoy a Caribbean birding trail adventure at this Important Bird Area (IBA). Maybe you’ve heard of Meade Bay Pond before. It’s one of many Caribbean birding trails. But this spot is in Anguilla. On this bird-sighting trail, you will spot and photograph exotic birds.

Meads Bay Pond is one of Anguilla’s Important Bird Areas (IBA).

On the edge of Meads Bay Pond IBA is a 53-acre brackish body with buttonwood and acacia trees. Because of dredging in earlier years, Meads Bay is the deepest pond on the Caribbean Island of Anguilla.

Meads Bay Pond water level is the same all year and there are two sand spits. One in the middle of the pond and another towards the western end.

Meads Bay Pond Observation

At Meads Bay Pond Observation, there is a deck for bird watching. From the lookout platform at Meads Bay Pond, you can see many seabirds flying overhead.

The clear waters provide an ideal habitat for these creatures to thrive. During their annual pilgrimage, here from across ocean ridges far away.

Cattle Egrets rest at night in Buttonwoods or neighboring fields. Green Herons are typically found fishing with their long bills near water. Look for them all over Meads Bay. You may find them fishing from low-level branches.

Yellow-crowned Night-heron also frequents the Meade Bay Pond area. As they move between homes along bay shores.

The large Tricolored Heron can be seen in small numbers at Meads Bay IBA. Bird watchers may also get a long glimpse at Great Blue Herons. Often perched atop telephone wires near you’ll find Caribbean Martins.

How to Get to Meads Bay Pond, Anguilla?

Meads Bay Pond is a wetland area on the beautiful island of Anguilla. Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Region. Head southwest on The Valley Road and then onto Bedneys Road. You’ll find the entrance to Meads Bay Pond Observation area and find that parking is available.

If you want an up-close and personal experience with nature. Then Nature Explorers Anguilla is the place for your journey. They offer tours to Meads Bay Pond. That allows visitors to see how these magnificent birds live their lives day by day.

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